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the SS Ghost Minnow

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complete with crappie camo on the bottom I might just add ....ROFLMAO
you should see the looks she gets .....LOL
and she is 10 foot of pure crappie terror I promise

the panfish terror strikes again !
took her to the water .....

That's a nice size gill in that bucket.  Makes the crappie look small.  >:D

some of them were dandies for sure
may take her out for a spin again soon
gots to get out of the ole house arrest program first ....LOL

House arrest sucks!  Regardless of what causes it.

Just when my wife improves so she can go to our slip our SUV goes into the shop.  So our house arrest continues until the SUV is repaired as she currently can not get into my big van.

So buy some candy, flowers or something to get out of that house arrest.  LOL


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