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we been tossing around this idea for quite some time . a trip to go ketch fish with some folks that kan ketch fish .
strictly a "HELP" service ....we aint cleaning fish .....we aint catering to anyone ......we aint trying to make money at it
a mentoring and tutorial program for those that are not tuned into crappie ketchn .
we think if you cover the actual costs for a boat ride ......
we may consider taking folks out to learn and enjoy ketchn crappie
it may come to be a thing we do in the near future
I still need to check with the TPW and find out if its ok to do this without a "guide" license
WE ARE NOT GUIDES .....we just love to ketch fish
and would like to help others enjoy it as well

 :)) CV (SlabMeSilly jigs) did that for me Sunday at Lake Arlington.

etu koka:
I don't think you need a license. I'd definitely throw lunch in as well:)

great idea.!!!

Dr Erk:
Feel free to come down to San Antonio anytime if you pursue this idea :D


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