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Commercial Posts Rules (as requested by one member)


I have been asked by PM if it is ok to mention commercial products or create threads about commercial products on this board.

I don't see a problem with this as long as it is done in reasonable amounts. 

If you want to mention commercial products in your signatures that is fine.  Or advertise a web site you own in your signature.  Plus I have one forum to advertise member products and services.

But since I was asked I will create some basic rules now for commercial threads and posts.  If any member has suggestions about modifying these rules please use PM to contact me and we will discuss them.  I'm open to any suggestions that make this a better board.

1.  Please ensure commercial threads or posts are fishing related.

2.  Please do not start more than 1 (one) thread a week to advertise a commercial product if the main purpose of the thread is to advertise that product.  This does not mean you should not mention products in your posts in other threads but your post should be in response to the thread subject matter and not just a post to advertise the product.

3.  Do not create threads in every forum and sub-forum to advertise the product.  Choose the most appropriate forum for your product to create the thread.  If this is not done the thread will be move to the proper forum the first or maybe second time.  After that it will simply be deleted.

4.  Members can discuss products that do not belong to them in  threads and posts.  But the products mentioned should related to the thread subject matter.  In other words, don't hijack threads to discuss products, treat the member who started the thread with respect by staying on subject.

As I stated, I am open to member suggestions for additional rules or changes in the above rules.  I want this board to be a member board so I am always open to suggestions about the board.   But let's do it by PM, not in board forums.  I don't want this topic to cause heated discussion among members so PM is the only way to go.


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