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Rule # 1 For This Board Revised


I hate to post this but now see I must.

Rule #1 for this board is that we all treat other members the way we would like to be treated.  To put it simply this means no insulting posts or threads attacking another member.

It is ok to disagree with another member but the disagreement should be done in a polite manner that I would not mind my 10 year grandson reading.  This does not just mean foul language, this means insulting posts such as calling another member names.  If you must do so then use the PM system to communicate about the issue.

If you have a problem with another member that you believe would require you violate this rule then PM me about the matter.  But I don't expect to receive many PMs of this nature.

The first time this rule is violated  the post will be changed, with all content removed and a message to play nice substituted.  A second such post will be removed and a warning issued.  If it occurs a 3rd membership will be cancelled. 

I am locking this post as there can be no discussion of this rule.  This is probably the only rule that I will not discuss.

I intend this board to be a member friendly board where we can all meet and discuss the sport we love, chasing crappie and bream.  If this is not your intention then don't waste your time signing up here.  You will not be heard and you will not stay a member long.


Several members have expressed concern that I was too harsh on those I banned.  Some thought I should have given an opportunity for them to consider the errors of their ways. Others stated it was unfair to ban a member who might have made the 3rd post before they received the warning notice.

I personally don't agree as those who were banned only came to this board to Troll.  They knew what they were doing before they made their first post.  One person registered with a different username when the first username was banned.  Which is why I started banning usernames, email addresses and IP addresses instead of just the username.

But regardless of my personal opinion this board is for all members, not just me.  So I am revising the actions that will be taken when the rules are broken by a member.  So the following will apply to any infractions of the rules from this point on.

First Post:  A warning will be issued to play nice.  If possible the post will be edited to just remove the offending part, if not the post content will be removed with just the play nice message.

Second Post: Post will be removed.  A warning email will be sent.

Third Post:  A Time Out will be issued.  However if the 3rd post was made before the warning was issued it will simply be deleted and the Fourth Post will trigger the Time Out.

Time Outs be handled at follows:
    1st Time Out - 2 weeks
    2nd Time Out - 1 month
    3rd Time Out - rest of the year or six months, which ever is longer
    4th Time Out-permanent ban from board

However if four or more posts are made that violate this rule before a moderator sees them and issues the warning the member will be considered a Troll and will receive a permanent ban instead of a Time Out.

If somebody comes to this board and makes multiple posts violating these rules in a short period of time then their intention from the start was to Troll the board and their mistakes were not done from ignorance nor misunderstanding of the rules as some stated for the first few that were banned.

I hope these changes are seen as fair to all.  If not the subject can still be discussed by PM with me.  This board is for all members, not just me or the moderators.  All members are welcome to offer suggestions on how to make it a better board. 

But it will always be a family friendly board.  Name calling and personal attacks will not be tolerated so all members can feel this board is their board.  We don't need to always agree with each other as that would make life boring.  But we must always respect each other and treat other members as we would like to be treated.

And I sincerely hope never to see a member in Time Out.



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