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New "Members Only" Forums and Sub-Forums


I'm sure some of you have already noticed the new Members Only Forum section.  I had intended to tell everybody about it once I made it public but then got called away.

Anyway this Board section will contain material for Members Only.  Some of the sub-forums will be readable by "guests" but many will require a membership to even see they exist.  But as usual, only members can post in them.

I can't say what exactly will be in this section.  It's a work in progress right now.  It might contain inside information on lakes, etc. that members don't want to share with the general public.  It may contain offers of discounts that are only available to members.  I'm still working on this so be patient.

However the first forum in it will be a Contests Forum, where members can win a free prize for posting in that forum.  I don't know if these contests will offered monthly or not.  That will depend on how members react to them.  If members embrace the concept and make lots of posts in the contest forum then there will be more of them.  If only a few members take part then you will not see many of them.

Guests will be able to read the Contest Forums but will not be able to post in them or win the prize of the month.

My next post will discuss the prize for the contest that starts now and ends May 31st.  But the prize will be a selection of Pepop's jigs so I believe this is something that everybody would like to win.  But there can only be one winner and that will be based on a random drawing from the posts in that thread.

Pepop is being extremely generous for this first contest.  He is providing  4 dozen assorted sizes & colors. With 8-12 of his Premium jigs with 3d eyes included.  It might not be exactly 4 dozen as the exact amount depends on how many he can tie in this time period along with all the other work he does.  But it will be close and it will be an outstanding prize even if it is a few less than 4 dozen.

So we have decided to have TWO winner this month instead of one.  I feel that receiving approximately 2 dozen of his hand tied jigs is an outstanding prize for this contest.  So we will have two happy members at the end of May.

Pepop will divide the jigs up between the winners and mail them once I provide him the winner names and mailing addresses.  His decision on who gets which jig is final. 

So don't forget to make your two posts daily in the May contest thread to increase your chances to win one of these two great assortments of hand tied jigs.


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